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Super Stars
Charlotte, grade 9
“Learning using my learning
styles helped me organize
my stuff.  I use charts and
color coding now because I’m
a visual learner.  Organizing
my stuff turned into
organizing my thinking.  
Then I started turning my
work in on time, doing better
on work, and getting better
grades.  I think it really
helps to know what kind of
learner you are.”

Alauna, Middle School
"We want to thank you for
your patience, interest, and
care for Alauna and your
other students that may feel
defeated or misunderstood.  
What you are doing is a
great service.  Naturally, we
have referred you to the
school, our doctor, as well as
to Alauna’s counselor."  
Cheri Simmons, parent

Garrett, High School
"As of today all of Garrett's
grades have gone up.  I am
so proud of this guy!! I've
got tears welling up in my
eyes!!! He came home
talking about going to the
University of Hawaii to study
and asked if I thought he
could get a 3.0 to attend...
Of course he can!!!"
Sandy Greenland, parent
Davis, Middle School Student
"Not only has your service
helped Davis be a better
student, it has also helped
me be a better, less 'naggy'
parent -  with much better
Zabie Johnston, parent

Darcie, Adult Trade School
"I have good news.  I
graduated on June the 9th
and I took my state board
test this last week on July
the 19th and I passed!  I just
feel so great about that.  And
I just thank you because the
information that you gave me
and the direction you sent me
in seemed to be the right
one.   If I ever need your
assistance again, I will surely
call or recommend you to
friends who are in need of
some help."

Tori, Middle School Student
"Your system really works,
Susan Oldham, parent
...but they didn't start
out that way.

We at Learning Coach,
Insights on Learning,
are enormously proud
of all of them!
“I have always known I’m
intelligent. High school was
a struggle because I wasn’t
able to focus. After failing
my sophomore year, Lynn
Handshy assessed my
learning style and helped me
develop a plan that matched
my learning strengths. I
repeated my sophomore
year, did well, and then
completed my junior and
senior years at the same
time! With a 3.5 GPA! Today,
I am a respected
professional and manage a
successful business.”
Going back to school again, I
wondered if and how I could
remember all that technical
information! After I
discovered that my learning
strengths are auditory and
kinesthetic, I was able to
create a ‘learning action
plan.’ I prepared for tests
while walking and reading
aloud with my study group.
The results were
phenomenal! Today, knowing
my learning styles has made
all the difference in my
practice, as well.”
Joe Glennon, DC
"It is comforting to know
that there are people in the
world that understand
service and communication.  
Thanks, Shelly."
Laura Ciucci, parent
What Does Learning Style Research Say?
Numerous studies have proven statistically significant increases in test scores, involvement,
responsibility, and confidence when learners use their preferred learning styles.
•        Students achieved higher test scores when taught using their congruent styles (Dunn,
Beaudry, & Klavas 1989).
•        When student are introduced to new material through perceptual preferences, they
remembered significantly more than when they were introduced through their least preferred
modality.  That was true for all aged learners (Carbo, 1980), (Hill 1987), (Bauer, 1991),
(Ingram, 1989).
•        When new material was reinforced through students’ secondary or tertiary
preferences, they achieved significantly more than when they were merely introduced
correctly –an additional .05 statistical variation (Kroon, 1985).
•        Learners were found to be more responsible and their attitudes improved when taught
using situations supported by their learning preferences. (Dunn, White, Zenhausern, 1982)