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Getting Started with Learning Coach is
as Easy as 1-2-3!

    1.  The initial coaching session includes a
    needs analysis and goal setting session.  The
    student takes our online learning strengths
    assessment, results are analyzed, and a
    specific learning plan is created.
    (two hour appointment @ $350)

    2.  The follow up coaching session provides
    support in the implementation of the learning
    plan, streamlining and fine-tuning study skills,
    improving organization and management as
    needed by the individual student and family.  
    This is a highly interactive and personal
    process where your child will learn HOW to
    apply the recommended tools, strategies, and
    skills recommended in the learning plan.
    (One hour appointment  @ $150)

    3.  Long term support comes in the form of
    tutoring.  Our tutors are trained to assist with
    school work by encouraging the use of
    learning strengths as recommended by the
    Learning Plan.  Tutors are supervised by the
    coach, and give parents written reports after
    each tutoring session.  It is an economical way
    to make your family's team bigger and better!
    (One hour tutoring appointment @ $75)

    4.  If your student needs regular tutoring,
    the Tutoring Savings Package is the way to
    go!  You can register for  5 tutoring session
    for the price of 4.  That's a savings of $75,
    and brings the price per hour to only $60!
    (5 hours of tutoring for the price of 4 @ $300)

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What's the Difference
between a
Coach and a

Tutors help students with
academics.  They also give
long term supervisions for the
continued use of each child's
recommended learning
strategies if they have had a
Learning Plan created with
our Learning Coach staff.  Our
tutors are supervised by the
child's coach.  Tutors are our
long term academic assistance
solution for after the coach
has made the professional
recommendations and
solidified the best practices.

Can I just sign my child
up for tutoring?

Yes, but the tutor and child will
not have the advantage of
knowing the most effective
methods to use with your child.

A Learning Plan from a
Learning Coach is an
investment in your
child's future!
Learning Style Assessment Links
After you have paid for your coaching or tutoring sessions you will be given a user
name and password to log on to take your learning style assessment.  Choose your
grade level and select the link below for your age or grade level.  If you have questions
call 831-649-1886 or Jody at 1-888-887-7552.
            Grades 3-4                      Grades 5-8                Grades 9-12               Adults