Always a leader in
    educational innovation and
    research based strategic
    teaching; Shelly Glennon has
    an established reputation as
    an educational leader both in
    the United States and abroad
    teaching children and adults
    through their learning

Shelly accomplished her undergraduate work
at Cal Poly and San Jose State University.  
Following this she did graduate study in
education through
the University of Southern
California (USC),
Fresno Pacific and Auckland
Teacher College in New Zealand.  
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About Us
What is Learning Coach?

Learning Coach believes in focusing on
an individual's strengths, and in
building positive strategies for success.
This is a  powerful, productive, and all
too often overlooked part of the
learning process.
 Learning Coach has
evolved over 30 years of researching
and working with children.  Formerly
known as
Insights on Learning,
Learning Coach strategies have
become more specifically focused to
assist  students who want to be more
successful.  It is with heartfelt
gratitude and respect that we
acknowledge all who have helped form
Learning Coach.  Our ongoing mission
is to uphold the principle of realizing
one's innate talent, and providing the
tools to actualize their vision of success.