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ADD/ADHD Services
Learning Coach has
developed a speciality in
working with
learners who exhibit
ADD/ADHD tendencies
Local therapists and
educational specialists
agree these students
often need strategies to
successfully build
executive functioning
skills. Some frequent
areas of focus include
prioritizing, scheduling,
and organization. Our
Learning Plans have
helped these students
make huge strides in
many successful
educational experiences!

The solution begins at the
Initial Coaching Session.
Register for Step 1 to
analyze your child's
unique challenges. Follow
up coaching sessions
reinforce you child's
progress in a structured
and yet personal way.

Are you ready for a
professional to guide you
and your active child
through the steps to
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contact us with any
further questions.

best what they
hear. Books on
tape, I-books,
or books on CD
are a great
learning aid.  
Chelsea now
qualifies for
with her
Verbal kinesthetic
learners must
discuss a topic to
really understand.
Visual learners use their eyes
to access information.  They
read and highlight text.  Alex
also likes to color code her
notes with highlighters.

Charlotte is also a visual
Read her secrets to
Tactile and Kinesthetic
need to move
when they learn.  Ian
is staying qualified for
football by continuing
to use his Learning
Many athletes
think best on their feet
because they are
kinesthetic learners.

Read what Garrett's
mom said about her
son, a great student
and surfer.
Disadvantaged learners in
Nepal need many levels of
The Ghimire
Foundation is a tax
deductible, nonprofit
organization that has been
set up to assist all styles of
learners to
accomplish their
dreams by
learning to read
and write. Sarita
may not become
a nurse without
our help.
Click here if you would like to
make the world a better place, and
help the disadvantaged children of
Nepal through
The Ghimire