For Learning Strength Assessment,
Personal Study Skills Planning,
and Tutoring,
work with a professional
Learning Coach!
What is a Learning

A team coach brings out the best
in each player, and a learning
coach will likewise inspire,
encourage and guide each child
individually to bring out the best
learner. Coaches suggest
strategies for learners to use  to
become efficient  and successful.

Learning Coach offers
your child a learning
advantage for life!

Each learner has a unique set of
preferences and tendencies to
access, process and retain
information.  Learning Coach
helps students to use productive
study skill strategies that
support their personal strengths
so each may learn
in their own
best way.
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Learning Coach
Learning Coach can help
your child...
  • get better grades
  • organize school work
  • schedule assignments
  • become more responsible
  • learn how to study
  • value his or her own
  • become a more
    independent learner
  • put ADD/ADHD tendencies
    to practical use
  • encourage executive
Read some
success stories!
Thanks to Mrs. Glennon,
I have been stressing
less about school work
which has led to a better
night's sleep, I
appreciate all your help
with getting me

From a grateful 8th
grade student